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"CitriSurf® is a perfect and environmentally friendly alternative to passivating with nitric acid!"

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

CitriSurf®: the industrial standard for the corrosion protection of stainless steel

Medical and dental technology

For manufacturers of orthodontic products it was shown that the use of CitriSurf® results in an improved passive layer with significant cost savings. Users found that improved cleaning is possible without any damage to the gold and palladium joints. With other orthodontic products similar results have been found. The requirements of ASTM A967 & AMS 2700 are fulfilled and exceeded.

Surgical instruments and medical technology

The combination of lower chromium stainless steel grades and laser marking represents a major challenge. The required but hazardous application of nitric acid is no longer tolerated by many supervisory authorities. The corrosion and etching of the material, in particular pitting corrosion after laser marking, are avoided through the use of CitriSurf®. Comprehensive consultation was able to resolve this problem for many customers in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Industrial production

Manufacturers and processors of stainless steel have found that CitriSurf® offers the option to build a simple, efficient and environmentally friendly plant for reliable passivation of all types of stainless steel. The products include stainless-steel springs, fasteners, locks, valves and electronics. In particular for stainless-steel springs and fittings, the results are much improved with a simultaneous cost reduction.

Automotive industry

CitriSurf® has met all of the test requirements of the automotive manufacturers. In long-term salt-spray tests these methods are much superior to the nitric acid methods.

Aviation and space travel

CitriSurf ® is used by all major manufacturers when parts need to be passivated in accordance with the requirements of the AMS 2700 standard. Even though no nitric acid is used, all of the requirements, such as the salt-spray test, copper sulphate test and other corrosion tests, have been met.

Pharmaceutical industry

When cleaning or passivating stainless-steel tanks or pipelines, CitriSurf® products can achieve excellent results.

Ship construction

Stainless-steel tanks and pipelines on cargo and passenger ships are not just subject to a high risk of corrosion but they also have to comply with the high demands placed on quality by the maritime rules and regulations. CitriSurf® fulfils all international and statutory requirements with regard to effectiveness, processing and disposal.