"CitriSurf® is a perfect and environmentally friendly alternative to passivating with nitric acid!"

Dieter Fuchs, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

CitriSurf® – the better passivation solution for stainless steel: safe, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient!

CitriSurf® is a cleaning and passivation solution based on citric acid. It removes free iron from the surface of stainless steel safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. Areas of application are industries such as medical and dental technology, as well as the automotive industry and aviation and space travel.

Benefit from the cost-saving advantages of CitriSurf®:

  • Simple to use
  • Very long service life of the passivation solution
  • Quick to apply
  • Disposal with normal waste possible

Since 1999 the US standardization authorities have regarded passivation with citric acid as the preferred method.

See ASTM 967..